Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Illumination in Osaka, Over the shining Water

2012 is going to close the curtain and New Year's holidays are coming around soon. At this time of the year, illumination events are held all over Japan.

I would like to introduce the popular illumination events held in Osaka since 2003.

In Nakanoshima which is the downtown business area in Osaka, the lighting displays under the theme "Over the Shining Water" are shown until Dec. 25.

The most spectacular feature in the lighting events is the multi-colored 3D projection.  The images are projected on the face of Neo-Renaissance style Osaka City Central Public Hall.

A Merry Christmas to You!

Osaka City Central Public Hall

Midosuji Street which is the primary main street in central Osaka, running north-south, has sparkled with the stardust illumination. You can enjoy it until Jan. 20, 2013. The stretch of stardust is 1.9 km, the longest of its kind in Japan.

A tiny moon over the street decorated with stardust

Icho (銀杏 Ginkgo trees) are planted along Midosuji Street. In autumn, the street becomes famous autumn leave viewing spot.

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May a new year be the best year for all of you and people all over the world!!!


Minoru Saito said...

 とても感動しました。           東京駅のCG映写ライトアップは観客が多すぎて23日で急遽中止になってしまいました。
 また、素晴らしいpost を期待してます。

keiko(snowwhite) said...

中之島のライトアップ、25日までなので、非常にに込んでいましたが、御堂筋のほうはゆっくりと楽しめました。 1月20日までしていますので、年明けにもう一度見に行きたいです。

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