Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lovely Tour in Kyoto

The other day we took a small trip to the eastern area (東山) of Kyoto. It was a beautiful autumn day.
A panoramic view from Awata Shrine on a small hill.

This is Sho-ren-in Temple ( literally means "Blue Lotus Temple"). Because of the close relationship with Imperial family, this temple has been known as Awata Palace.
In front of the temple, there are huge camphor trees. 
They look like guardians to protect this lovely temple.

As the temple name shows, Fusuma ( sliding doors) 
are decorated with stylized lotus flowers.

Its famous gardens are shrouded in refined and elegant atmosphere.

Soft green reflects in the polished wooden floor .

Through bamboo screens, scenery looks different.

Gyoja-bashi Bridge over River Shirakawa.  Gyoja means "a priest in ascetic practice".
The stone bridge is narrow enough for one person to pass.
 Gyoja in their 1000 days religious practice cross this bridge. That' s why this bridge is called "Gyoja-bashi Bridge". The mellow willows add even more profound taste to the river and the bridge.

Sin-monzen Street is lined with lovey antiques shops.

Can you guess what they are? All of them are charms made of roof tiles 
which are put on the entrance of a roof tile shop.

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