Sunday, March 27, 2011

May Happiness Be With You

Red and white, when used as a set, signal a happy occasion in Japan. In that sense, I saw a very happy tree in Yakushiji Temple in Nara.

Red and white ume plum blooms are blossoming on a single tree.

Those pictures were taken on March 18, but the last blooms of plum are still beautiful in Nara.

May happiness be with you!

Monday, March 21, 2011

25 Regrets of the Life - Complete List -

How are you today? After the March 11 earthquake in Tohoku and Kanto area in Japan, many thoughts and emotions came to my mind. One of them is about 'life'.

Two years ago I posted an article titled "25 Regrets of the Life." In that article I introduced only one regret out of 25. Maybe some of you, who are pondering over 'life' now, are interested to know the rest of 24 regrets.

Below is a complete list of 25 regrets divided into four categories.

= Regrets that first come to mind when you hear you are terminally ill =
I regret that I did not...
1. Take care of my health.
2. Write my will.
3. Make my dream come true.
4. Go back to my hometown.

=Regrets about what you should have done=
I regret that I did not/was not...
5. Travel to the places where I wanted to visit.
6. Eat delicious food.
7. Take time to enjoy a hobby.
8. Go to meet people who I wanted to see.
9. Think about how I wanted my funeral to be done.
10. Do what I wanted to do. (Instead I put all my efforts into others and put my wishes aside.)
11. Kind to others.
12. I did not fall deeply and crazily in love.
13. Get married.
14. Give birth to and raise a child.
15. See my child get married

=Regrets that come to mind the last days of life=
I regret that I did not...
20. Spend the rest of my days joyfully, instead of spending them feeling unhappy that I am dying.
21. Believe in any religion.
22. Make my intentions and goals clear.
23. Cherish the time I had left to live.
24. Leave a mark on this world.

=25th Regret=
I regret that I did not...
25. Say "Thank you" to my loved ones face to face.

Wishing everyone a regret-free life.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Barbie Dolls are ready for Hinamatsuri!

In Konishi-Sakura St. in Nara, I found Licca dolls (Japanese Barbie dolls) dressed up in kimono. On March 3 we celebrate Hinamatsuri or Girls' Doll Festival to wish for a healthy growth of female children.

In most households with female children, dolls are displayed for this festival. Traditional dolls for this festival look like the ones below.

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