Friday, September 14, 2012

Tea Ceremony

We have held a tea ceremony occasionally. Anybody can join it.

 The other day, we had the tea ceremony in Daijo-in Teien Garden, a fabulous Japanese garden, with wonderful guests.

In a pond, there is a 100-year-old crape myrtle.

Sit down as you like and enjoy Japanese green tea
after having a sweet.

She is whipping the powdered  tea
with a split bamboo whisk to  create fine foams.
The tea ceremony is part of Japanese culture.

Let's share a wonderful moment of "One Time, One Meeting". 

We show you how to drink a tea and tell the interesting stories about tea ceremony.

It was hot. So we used a glass tea bowl
to produce the cooler feeling.

Fallen petals of crape myrtle flowers,
transience of seasons, transience of life

Enjoy the view and tea with us.

The next tea ceremony is held on 23rd October in this garden.
The fee is 500 yen.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

BA・SA・RA,  the end of summer

Every year at the end of August, two-day Basara Dancing Festival is held in Nara. This year 42 groups joined. It is not a dancing contest. The participants keep dancing, dancing, dancing and dancing. Long summer in Nara is gone with the end of the festival.

According to a calender, autumn started yesterday, September 1st. During daytime it is still hot. But at night, a hint of autumn in the air can be detected here and there - cool breezes, chirping grasshoppers or crickets under a beautiful moon.

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