Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tea Ceremony in Splendorous Autumn

There is a Japanese expression "錦秋 Kinshuu" which means the autumn decorated with beautiful  foliage like brocade.

Ginkgoes and maples are singing a song in praise of autumn! 

On 18th November, We had a tea ceremony in Daijo-in Garden.  We were very glad so many wonderful guests joined us!  If you are interested in our tea ceremony, read "Tea Ceremony".

Daijo-in Garden

This time we prepared two types of Japanese  sweets. They are formed into shapes that reflect the splendor and glory of autumn. "Kinshuu - Brocade Autumn" is  represented by these lovely Japanese confectioneries.

"Maple" with Japanese green tea


We enjoyed tea ceremony with the guests,  exchanging merry conversation.

The next gathering of tea ceremony is held on December 1st, from 11:00am to 3:00pm in the tea room in Daijo-in Garden. The fee is 500 yen.

Our tea gathering has always homey atmosphere.  We are waiting for you!!



Minoru Saito said...

こんばんは。 錦秋の秋にお茶会ですか。素敵ですね。


keiko(snowwhite) said...

one time one meeting はそろそろ再開できそうです。

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