Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Birth of Chinese Civilization

2000 B.C. is a long loong looong time ago, isn't it?

Henan Province, located in the central region of China and in the Yellow River watershed, is a cradle of Chinese civilization. From around 2000 B.C. to up until the 12th century, Henan Province was the center of Chinese politics, economy and culture hosting capitals of many dynasties - including Xia dynasty (once regarded as nonexistent), Shang dynasty (where earliest form of Chinese characters were incised on oracle bones), Eastern Han dynasty(end of which the Battle of Red Cliffs depicted in the movie Red Cliff was fought), Cao Wei(one of the three kingdoms) and other dynasties.

In an exhibition "The Birth of Chinese Civilization", Nara National Museum displays ancient artifacts (2000 B.C. ~ 12th century) from Henan Province. Most of exhibits are unearthed articles excavated in 20th and 21st centuries. Artifacts laid out in chronological order neatly shows the development of craftsmanship.

My favourite part was face expressions of animal and human figure crafts; their faces were lively and some even humorous.

Duration: ~ May 29, 2011
Closed on Mondays except May 2
Hours: 9:30~17:00
*Fridays and Saturdays from April 29 will open late till 19:00.
*Entrance permitted until 30 min before the closing time.
Admission: General Admission 1400yen, College/High School Students 1000yen, Junior High/Elementary School students 500yen
*Half price off for married couples on April 22 and May 22. (At the ticket booth, say "we are visiting as a couple".)
Access: click here


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