Thursday, April 28, 2011

1301st anniversary at Nara Palace Site

It's time to celebrate Tenpyo-sai, an annual festival celebrating the old Nara capital.

Basic Info:
Duration: April 29 to May 5
Hours: 9:00-17:00
Admission is free. (Some attractions are for fee.)
Access: click here
*During this event, there will be a bus (No. 81) connecting JR Nara station, Kintetsu Nara station, Nara Park and Nara Palace Site, running every 20 min. between 9:00 to 18:00. Fee is 200yen for adults (over elementary school age) and 100yen for children (elementary school students).
Bus route bound to Nara Palace Site:
Nara Park (in front of Nara prefectural building) > Kintetsu Nara station > JR Nara station (west side) > Nara Palace Site (near Suzaku-mon Gate)
Bus route bound to Nara Park:
Nara Palace Site (near Suzaku-mon Gate) > JR Nara station (west side; **unloading only) > Kintetsu Nara station (**unloading only) > Nara Park (in front of Nara prefectural building)
Event homepage: click here (in Jpn. only)

Event Schedule:
#April 29 to May 5# 
@Former Imperial Audience Hall area
-A stage by the official mascot of Nara, Sento-kun is held several times a day. Receive a warm welcome from this once regarded hideous, but now very popular mascot of Nara.

@near Nara Palace Site Museum
-Charity Bazaar
Calligraphy works by Nara's renowned Buddhist priests, Nara's famous Akahata-yaki brand potteries and other goods will be sold. All proceeds to go to the earthquake relief.
-Food court & hand craft workshops, 10:00-17:00
* Not all shops are available on May 2.

@near the south gate of Former Imperial Audience Hall
-Open Air Tea Ceremony, 11:00-16:00, 500yen
*Not available on May 2.
-Costume Rental. Walk the palace site in a costume of 1300 years ago. 9:00-17:00(last admission is 16:00)
300yen for 30 min. rental
500yen for 60 min. rental

@near Excavation Site Exhibition Hall
-Ride Segway, 10:00-16:00, 2500yen per person
*Numbered tickets will be issued from 9:00.
*The ride is for 16 years old and older.

#April 29#
@Former Imperial Audience Hall area
11:00 ~ Parade of 400 people in costumes of 1300 years ago with music.
14:00 ~ Calligraphy performance show by local elementary school students. They will write a cheer up message toward earthquake affected people.

#April 30#
@Former Imperial Audience Hall area
-Wadaiko, Japanese drum stage by nine drum music group
Three stages: 10:30~, 12:30~, 14:40~
-Parade of people in costumes of 1300 years ago. (short version)
Time: 11:00~, 13:00~

#May 1#
@Former Imperial Audience Hall area
-Kemari demonstration. Kemari is a type of ball playing that nobles of 1300 years ago played.
Time: 11:00~, 14:00~
-Parade of people in costumes of 1300 years ago. (short version) Time: 11:00~, 13:00~

#May 3 to May 5#
@Former Imperial Audience Hall area
-Music concert.
Time: 13:00~, 15:00~ (On May 3, the second stage is from 15:30.)

@near Nara Palace Site Museum
-Japanese Tea Booth, 10:00-17:00
Learn and taste the Nara brand of Japanese tea, Yamato-cha.

@Field in front of Former Imperial Audience Hall
-Zorb. Try New Zealand born attraction Zorb for free.

#May 5#
@near Nara Palace Site Museum
-Vote on B-grade gourmet competition.
B-grade gourmets are usually inexpensive local soul foods. Eat B-grade gourmets, and cast your chopsticks to a chopstick-collecting box of your favorite B-grade gourmet shop! Each chopsticks is counted as a vote. Competition starts 11:30.

-NARAWALK guide 

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