Friday, August 5, 2011

NARA TO-KAE, Ten Nights Of Lantern Illumination

Enjoy a night time stroll around Nara Park with thousands of lanterns softly lighting your pathways. Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple and other facilities have night time opening hours during this event.

Aug. 5(fri) - 14(sun)
=Lantern Light-ups=
19:00 ~ 21:45 @ around Nara Park

=Night Time Opening Hours=
Todaiji Temple: 19:00 ~ 21:00
-Great Buddha Hall is open. *Only on Aug. 13 & 14.
Kofukuji Temple: ~ 20:30 (enter before 20:15)
-National Treasure House and Eastern Golden Hall are open.
Mt. Wakakusa-yama: 9:00 ~ 21:00 (enter before 20:30)
-Enjoy a night view from the top of the city
Nara National Museum: 9:30 ~ 19:00 (enter before 18:30)
-Special Exhibition “On to India! Xuanzang’s 30,000-Kilometer Trek” is held.
-Aug. 8 is closed.


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