Monday, February 7, 2011

Treasures of Todai-ji's Omizutori Ritual

People say Omizutori or Water Drawing Ritual at the Todaiji Temple brings spring to Nara.

An exhibition focusing on Omizutori Ritual is held in Nara National Museum. As well as paintings and documents showing history of and people's faith in Omizutori Ritual, equipment used during the ritual are on display. My favourite exhibit is Kamiko, a paper-made clothe wore and handmade by monks attending the ritual.

Omizutori Ritual is one of the most tourist popular rituals held annually in Nara. Visit the museum before going to the ritual to enjoy it more. Of course, joining a Nara Walk tour and listing histories and stories about Omizutori Ritual would enhance your experience even more!

Duration: ~2011.3.14
Closed on Mondays except for Feb. 14, Mar. 7 and Mar. 14.
Hours: 9:30~17:00
*Feb.8-14 till 21:00, Mar.1-11 till 18:00, Mar. 12 till 19:00, Mar. 13 and 14 till 18:00
*Entrance permitted until 30 min before the closing time.
Admission: Adults 500yen, Univ. Students 250yen
*Seniors(70 and older) and those 18 and under are free.
*Half price off for married couples on Feb. 22.
Access: click here

Omizutori Ritual will be held from Mar.1 to 14 in Todaiji Temple.


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