Friday, April 23, 2010

The 1300th year

This year marks the 1300th year of Nara becoming the capital of Japan. Nara is celebrating this occasion. The main venue, Heijo Palace Site, opens tomorrow on April 24 and will be opened till Nov 7, 2010. Here is a little review of what you can experience at the site.

・Reconstructed palace buildings - Suzaku Gate, Imperial Audience Hall, East Palace Garden
*East Palace Garden is said to be the origin of Japanese Garden.

・Reconstructed Japanese diplomatic ship.
*Can broad the ship.

TO DO:*Most attractions are free for foreigners with a presentation of passports.
・Dress in Tnnpyo-style clothing - dresses Japanese wore before Kimono.

・Get a guide and walk around - there will be English speaking volunteer guides (limited in number). Also self-guiding system using iPod (for rent) is organized to walk on your own. Or better book a Nara Walk guide!
*Heijo Palace Site is registered as a World Heritage Site, but the heritage is under the ground. A guide is recommended to understand and appreciate the place. The site is about 130ha. Be ready to walk.
*self-guiding system using iPod is available in English, French, Chinese and Korean.

・East Nara cuisine - there will be food courts and souvenir shops selling Nara's tastes.

・Free shuttle buses running between JR Nara Station/ Kintetsu Yamato Saidaiji Station and the Heijo Palace Site.
・The palace site is about 15min walk form Kintetsu Yamato Saidaiji Station (second stop form Kintetsu Nara Station).


Some of Nara Walk member are working as a staff at the information centre of the Heijo Palace Site. Hope we have a chance to see you at the palace site!


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