Monday, February 22, 2010

The hell might exist under the sacred ground??

There is a very strange story in Noh Play. The story is titled “The mirror of a field guard – Nomori no Kagami”. A travelling priest encountered an elderly field guard. At night the field guard transformed to a fierce deity with a magic mirror.The mirror reflected everything and showed the traveling priest from the heaven to the hell. When the fierce deity stamped his feet, the ground was split in two. Inside the ground, the path down to the hell appeared. The deity climbed down the path to the hell and disappeared.

Where do you think the story is set? It is set somewhere at Tobihino, along the approach between the first and second Torii gates in Kasuga Grand Shrine. Tobihino is a gently rolling grass land where usually deer are roaming and eating grass. But be careful if you find a strange path in Tobihino! It might be the path leading you to the hell.

We are happy to tell you about Noh Play!!

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