Friday, December 18, 2009

Maybe even Shinto diety is tired.

The deity of Young Prince Shrine in Kasuga Grand Shrine, affectionately called Young Prince, travels once a year. Every year on December 17th, he comes to a temporally built traveling place (1 kilometer to the west of Young Prince Shrine) and stays here and goes back in 24 hours.

While his staying, people offer a variety of performances in front of the traveling place to please him. He enjoys entertainment of the people behind the bamboo curtain. Maybe even Shinto deity is tired of daily routines and needs to travel. In the 12th century, the country was suffering a long period of rain which caused a serious famine. People invited Young Prince to the traveling place to ask him for help. This is the origin of Honorable Festival dedicated to him. This festival is the biggest festival in Nara and also famous for the traditional procession. But, do you know how Young Prince comes to the traveling place and goes back? Ask us!
(Shinto is an indigenous religion in Japan based on nature worship.)

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