Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shoso-in exhibition is COMING SOON!

Shoso-in is a repository of Todaiji Temple. Its treasures are composed of fine art objects which belonged to Emperor Shomu, who ordered the erection of Todaiji Temple, and temple's treasures used at the consecration of Great Buddha in 752. You can understand Nara is a terminal of 'Silk Road' to see some treasures from China and Persia.
Some of those treasures are on exhibition once a year. The 61st Shoso-in exhibition will be held:
Duration: October 24 (Sat) ~ November 12 (Thu)
At Nara National museum (New building)
Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM (to 7 PM on Fridays~Sundays & national holiday)
Admission: Adults 1000yen, High school & College students 700yen, students(1st~9th graders) 400yen, Nov. 12:free

There will be a long line of people who want to see those treasures. The line would be shorter in late afternoon. I recommend to see the exhibition after our regular tour.
Why don't you come and see the treasures of 1250 years ago!


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